FORCE PROJETS consulting


Our goal is your projects’ success.

A meaning to our work


Add value to organizational processes and methods, through the optimized choice and management of their projects.

Contribute to the development and continued-excellence of these organizations and help them thrive, both locally and globally.



The motivation and satisfaction result exclusively from the service rendered against the agreed remuneration officially between the parties. Act with INTEGRITY implies rendering the service in its entirety, in exchange for the pre-determined investment.

Working is part of our lives and a good work environment is important. TRUST is an essential element of a satisfactory business relationship and a healthy work environment. Trust grows gradually over the development of a business relationship.

To exploit the full potential of a methodology, it must be applied with RIGOR, which involves a thorough understanding of its purpose.

If it is based on mutual RESPECT, a business relationship will not be jeopardized by a mere difference of values or opinions between people.



Louis Duchesne


Force Projets Consulting has specialized expertise in technical project management. Its founder, Louis Duchesne, has over twenty years of experience in various business sectors including aerospace, energy, commercial and industrial building, water treatment, aluminum, rail as well as several major public infrastructure projects.

A Master’s in Project Management (MPM, UQAM, 2012) gives him the knowledge of structures, principles and project management methodologies generally used in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. His engineering background (McGill, 1991) gives him the ability to understand the technical issues of projects and the proficiency to work in multidisciplinary technical environments.

Mr. Duchesne has evolved professionally in various project contexts, ranging from small growing business, to public organizations with projects in traditional or public-private partnership (PPP), to manufacturing and engineering consultants. He also possesses distinct expertise in terms of performance specifications and other engineering deliverables, in the context of P3 projects.

This experience, knowledge and other specific skills acquired over several projects ensures that customers get extensive expertise, in alignment with the latest trends and best practices in project management, but most of all, adapted to the context and nature of their businesses, organizations and projects.


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