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In the current context of globalization, increased competitiveness and socio-economic changes, project management plays a crucial role in achieving your strategic initiatives. It also contributes to the adoption of an organizational agility to respond quickly to change, and the ability of your staff to actively contribute to the achievement of your project goals.

Force Projets Consulting can help you:

  • Establish the right structures and project management methodologies to suit your context;


  • Implement continuous improvement initiatives, whether they pertain to one or more aspects of project management;


  • Identify your needs, perform a pre-feasibility analysis and define your projects;


  • Assist you with project planning in each of the knowledge areas of project management: scope, risks, cost, quality, …;
  • Accompany you during the project execution phase with either a consulting mandate or a temporary line assignment.


  • Manage your specific and custom training needs.


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You are faced with challenges to manage the complexity of the current context: rapid changes in markets, necessity to innovate, shortage of skilled resources and training of your staff. Your level of project management maturity can greatly influence your projects’ alignment with your strategic initiatives and your organizational agility in the face of changes.

Force Projets Consulting services will contribute to the success of your organization:

  • Project management maturity assessment (audits) and PMOs;
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) optimization;
  • Improve the robustness of your change management;
  • Integrate risk management into your day-to-day activities;
  • Take advantage of agile principles;
  • External stakeholder management methodology;
  • Project Management Offices.

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Whether for a specific project or as part of your current project activities, the current context pushes you to do more with less. Effective and rigorous project management, aligned with your organizational structure, will provide you with the right tools to improve your performance and achieve your goals.

Knowledge of project management best practices can help municipalities better achieve their goals, better react to changing needs (strategic plan) and better equip their employees in cases where project management is transferred to an outside firm.

Force Projets Consulting will contribute to your organizational effectiveness by providing professional services tailored to your situation:

  • Implementation of suitable structures and methodologies;
  • Continuous improvement of your current practices or implementation of a new project management component;
  • Support in identifying needs at project initiation;
  • Project planning for one or more knowledge areas: scope, risks, cost, quality, ...;
  • Execution of a project or a portion of it as part of a temporary line mandate;
  • PMOs: implementation or evaluation;
  • Technical management or coordination in the context of PPPs.

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